M.E.S. Consult has the skills required to help you improving performances of your production assets :

  • Collect and model end-users needs, using requirement engineering methodology 
    • Building your strategic plan in the context of Manufacturing Execution Performances covering aspects such as Organization, Business Processes, CyberSecurity and Industrial IT Architecture.
    • Elaborating the industrial project deliverables
      • Preparing a request for proposal, describing features required for your industrial project, including those of Production Management (MES/MOM), SCADA and/or PLC applications
      • Studying "changes" aspects (organization, business processes, Information System architecture, IT security, ...)
      • Valorization of the benefits expected for the project (R.O.I.)
    • Follow-up of implementation and rolling out according to specifications
  • Initiative for better energy performance of your production assets
    • Creating the Production Process Map
    • Buiding the standard costs table for energy
    • Link with Real Time Production plan
    • Specifying initiatives for improvements in energy performance
  • Coupling with LEAN Manufacturing and 6-SIGMA initiatives


30 years of experience in industrial software products (SCADA, DCS, MES) development and implementation for manufacturers and producers in various industries such as metals and food, is the key factor of the level of expertise.